Here Are The Top Ten Benefits of CBD Cannabidiol

Here Are The Top Ten Benefits of CBD Cannabidiol

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Firstly What Exactly is CBD Cannabidiol Oil.

Here Are The Top Ten Benefits of CBD CannabidiolCBD also known as cannabadiol, is a non-psychoactive (it won’t make you feel high) compound found in cannabis.

It is one of over 60 different compounds present in cannabis.

CBD is usually present in cannabis in high concentrations along with THC (the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive and makes you feel high).

It’s non-psychoactive because of its lack of affinity and attraction for CB1 receptors (the receptors that cause one to experience a cerebral high).

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the human body; CB1 and CB2.

Both are naturally found throughout the body but are most common in the brain and immune system.


CB1 receptors are responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

These receptors affect memory, mood, sleep, appetite and pain sensation.


CB2 receptors have anti-inflammatory effects and are found in immune cells.

CBD does have a great affinity and or attraction for CB2 receptors making it a great natural anti-inflammatory and immune system enhancer.


Top 10 CBD benefits:

CBD has been proven to be highly beneficial in the treatment of seizures, neurological conditions such as MS, cerebral palsy and anxiety disorders.

Studies have found that cbd can….

  1. Relieve nausea and vomiting making it a great digestive aid
  2. Help control and reduce seizures
  3. Help Fight tumors and cancer cells (it’s a powerful anti-oxidant)
  4. Help relieve anxiety and depression
  5. Calm and protect the nervous system
  6. Promote relaxation and deeper sleep
  7. Help reduce stress
  8. Help relieve insomnia
  9. Anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce swelling
  10. Help relieves muscle and joint pain

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The BENEFITS of CBD OIL – Easily laid out

Laurance from CBD MEDS explains CBD’s (Cannabidiol) medical benefits in a brief introduction to this promising compound.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a primary, naturally occurring, compound in hemp.

Like THC, CBD is a cannabinoid, but its effects are markedly different from THC.

CBD is completely non-psychoactive and actually blocks some of the intoxicating effects of THC.


There is mounting evidence that hemp-derived extracts containing CBD provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

Physicians are increasingly recommending CBD as a complementary and alternative therapy for relief from symptoms such as pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

In particular, CBD appears to provide significant benefit in patients with chronic pain.

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We sell Cannabis Oil, Medical Cannabis Oil, and CBD Oil, and we are pretty excited about the implications these studies.

Cannabidiol, CBD oil and Hemp oil have many wonderful uses, such as they alleviate the pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia joint pain.

Do have a look around on our site, you may find something suitable for your medical condition.


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Are you wondering if CBD oil could help you with a medical problem?

Check out this guide to learn more about the top 10 uses for CBD oil. 
Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has been identified by recent cannabis research as the component responsible for a great deal of marijuana’s medical benefits.



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