Quick HEMP MILK RECIPE Dairy Free Holistic Advice

Quick HEMP MILK RECIPE Dairy Free Holistic Advice

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WHAT I ATE to get Lean & Strong +Quick HEMP MILK RECIPE | Holistic Advice & Dairy-Free | Tyler Health

Hey guys it’s Tyler and welcome back to my channel I recorded a what I eat in a day video but I didn’t record everything that I ate so I wasn’t gonna upload the video but then I figured I would just upload it for meal ideas or just to give people some inspiration I know a lot of them and asked me for what I you need a videos for a very long time and I will get to it I figured I would just put this up for now until I have a real complete what I eat in a day video so I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s just get into the video.

Every morning I like to start my day with some warm lemon water, you do want to make sure that the water is warm and not boiling water because it could kill the enzymes that are present in the lemons this is a great way to alkalize our bodies first thing in the morning I do find that this helps keep my skin clear probably because of the liver cleansing properties that lemons have and coming off of a fast first thing in the morning especially on an empty stomach it can really go through your system and cleanse and wake up your digestive system to start the day.

When I get back from a fasted workout I like to make a superfood smoothie you can also make this earlier in the day or even the night before and freeze it if you like on this day I added about a banana and a half I added some hemp seeds for omega-3s I added some sprouted flax seeds for some more omega-3s everyone should be consuming a quality source of omega-3 on a daily basis to reduce the inflammation within the body because most people’s omega 6’s are too high from cooking oils so we need the omega-3s to balance out the 3 to 6 ratio I opened up a couple probiotic capsules for our healthy gut flora I also added some dried goji berries these are very very high in antioxidants and they don’t allow you to get sore from heavy lifting or a strenuous workout I also added a little bit of protein powder for some flavor a vegan protein powder some kelp powder for a natural source of iodine I will have all the links to everything in the description for anyone that wants to order them I also love adding turmeric and black pepper these two are like twin sisters they should always go together turmeric is a very potent anti-inflammatory and you know when you workout it causes a lot of inflammation so the tumeric helps bring that down and then the black pepper allows the tumeric to actually get absorbed into our blood streams by like 2,000 percent…

Every smoothie I make I always like to add a bunch of greens in because it’s an easy way to incorporate more greens daily when someone expresses that they have a hard time eating enough greens or they just don’t know how to incorporate them I always tell them to just make their favorite smoothie and just add them in that way because you can hardly taste them I usually buy these big prepackaged greens and go through it within a couple days by just adding them to every meal this time I got arugula but next time I can get mixed greens or kale to just switch it up!

Along with this smoothie I took a vitamin K supplement specifically for the k2 -k2 is what allows us to absorb our calcium into our bones so I have two calcium and a k2 supplement I will make a whole separate video on all the supplements that I take on a daily basis because I know some of you have been asking for it on this day I also made like a protein fruit bowl -you could say so I made some hemp milk to go with it because I didn’t have any almond milk and it’s very very easy to make you just put some water into a blender with some hemp seeds and then I just add another probiotic just to get more of the healthy probiotics into my body if you’ve ever taken antibiotics ever in your life you should be taking a probiotic supplement every single morning for at least a year I also put some ground vanilla just for some flavor and then you blend that up and you have hemp milk I also added a little bit of protein powder just for some flavor because I didn’t add any sweetener to the milk for this cereal bowl I chopped up a bunch of fruit – some blueberries, strawberries, banana about a half a banana.

I added some of this lentil granola that I made- I put the cinnamon granola the berries the banana and the hemp milk and this is a healthy very high in protein cereal bowl.

For dinner on this day I made some lentil lettuce leaf tacos it was just what I had in the fridge so I just threw something together I just water sauteed a bunch of veggies I had previously chopped I added some onion powder some garlic powder some pink salt I had some cooked asparagus in the fridge so I added that I also had some lentils in the fridge so I just heated that up in the pan I put a few romaine leaves on the plate I added the lentils and then I had some of the Cole slaw from the barbecue sandwich recipe that I had uploaded- I put some more of the arugula from earlier and then I put the rest of the veggies on top of that I crushed up some almonds for some healthy fats because we didn’t sautee it with any fats thank you guys so much for watching!

This is not everything that I ate in this day it’s only like probably half of what I ate when you eat plant-based you need to eat a lot more as opposed to eating meat because just this much meat is going to have like 300 calories versus this many many vegetables will have 300 calories so you need to be making sure that you’re eating enough I would be sure to put up more what I in a day videos to give more meal ideas!

As always don’t forget to subscribe for more videos! and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it! and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye! 🙂

Courtesy of Tyler Health


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