Does Medical Cannabis Oil Fight Brain Cancer

Does Medical Cannabis Oil Fight Brain Cancer

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Medical Cannabis Oil Fights Brain Cancer…  Cannabis Shrinks Brain Tumors… Are These More Wild Claims or Is There Any Proof ? Let Us Find Out…

Does Medical Cannabis Oil Fight Brain CancerCan medical cannabis oil fight brain cancer?

A number of clinical trials on humans are being conducted as we speak on the medical benefits of cannabis and the results are still being awaited.

But the research that’s available so far on the medicinal value of cannabis oil and medical cannabis oil is very encouraging indeed.

Cannabis is rich in THC, which is known for its psychoactive effects.

What many people do not know is that a lot of research has been conducted on THC over the last 20 years to study its ability to fight tumour.


The findings of some of these studies are stunning.

Take for example a study conducted by a team of Spanish researchers, who have been studying various cancer treatments for a number of years now.

The researchers are from the Complutense University of Madrid.

They are led by Professors Manuel Guzman and Guillermo Velasco.

The Spanish scientists have been testing cannabinoid’s ability to destroy glioma cells, which make up 80 percent of all malignant brain tumours.

Glioma is one of the deadliest types of cancer and once a glioblastoma reaches an advanced stage, the life expectancy of the patient is not more than 2 years.


So far surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the only treatments recommended for this.

They are not good solutions, as they can end up doing a lot of harm to patients.Does Medical Cannabis Oil Fight Brain Cancer

The Spanish researchers wanted to find an alternative treatment for this form of brain cancer.

They had a breakthrough as long back as in the early 2000’s, when they applied THC to the glioma cells grown outside the body.


The researchers found that adding THC immediately stopped the growth of the tumour cells.

After a point of time, the tumour cells died.

According to Dr. Velasco, the lead scientist on the team, “THC kills glioma cells by cutting off the blood supply to the tumour and causing the cancer cells to commit suicide.


There has been another exciting research, this time in the UK, done by GW Pharmaceuticals.

In this study, the researchers combined THC and CBD and investigated its effect on patients suffering from glioblastoma – the most dangerous form of brain cancer.

Does Medical Cannabis Oil Fight Brain Cancer

The researchers were surprised at how successful the treatment turned out to be.

21 patients agreed to be a part of this study.

They were administered THC and CBD, along with a chemotherapy drug, Temozolomide.

The survival rate among these patients was phenomenal – 83 percent.

The survival rate among patients that do not receive the cannabis treatment for cancer is only 53 percent.


The patients that received the medical cannabis oil treatment lived much beyond 18 months on an average after the administration of the treatment.

While for most cancer patients with phase 2 brain tumour, the average life expectancy is only 12 months after the start of the chemotherapy and other treatments.

Susan Short, Ph.D., a Professor of Oncology, who headed the research said that the THC: CBD combination was different from the existing oncology medications and it should be considered as an option for future treatments of brain tumour.


Proof: Cannabis Oil Kills Cancer!!

Courtesy of Indo Crop Circles


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