Legal Cannabis Will UK Next Legalise Cannabis

Legal Cannabis Will UK Next Legalise Cannabis

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When it come to legal cannabis we have been a little behind the times in the UK, even as the cannabis legalisation movement spreads across the world.

Legal Cannabis Will UK Next Legalise CannabisCannabis has been legalised in Uruguay, and in the US, a number of states – as many as 26 – have legalised cannabis for medicinal purpose.

California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada have joined Colorado, Oregon and Washington as the states where the recreational use of cannabis is approved by law by passing important measures  in November 2016.

Even in Canada, which now has a very progressive Prime Minister, there’s not long to go before cannabis is legalised for both medicinal and recreational use.


But things are certainly moving a lot slower in the UK.

A distinguished public figure, Lord Monson has recently called for cannabis to be legalised in the country to drive unethical sellers and distributors of high-potency cannabis called as “skunk” out of business.


“The goal is to protect teenagers and young adults, who are the biggest consumers of skunk. This is a sentiment we agree with completely.


In the UK, cannabis prohibition has a sordid history behind it.

Legal Cannabis Will UK Next Legalise CannabisIt has been found to increase drug use and has created an illegal drug market, completely in contradiction to the purpose it was intended for.

It’s a bit like how alcohol prohibition in the US in the 1920s led to the flourishing of bootleggers and other illegal distributors.

Fortunately, the world has realised how futile, wasteful and even cruel prohibition can be.

What we are seeing in so many countries is how the criminal black market for cannabis products has been replaced by regulated decriminalised markets that ensure that the drugs are used for the purpose they are intended for and have reduced the potential for abuse considerably.


In the UK, while cannabis was deemed illegal through the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920, doctors were still permitted to prescribe the drug for medicinal purposes.

This was changed through the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971, which classified cannabis as a Class B drug, inviting penalties for its use.


“Since then, the number of cannabis related arrests have shot through the roof. In 1994, for example, there were over 72,000 cannabis arrests.


Is cannabis legalisation coming to the UK?

The Home Secretary has ordered a review into the medicinal use of cannabis – saying his decision was prompted by the cases of two young children with severe epilepsy, who were denied access to the drugs they need.

Courtesy of Channel 4 News


In recent years, mainstream attitudes towards cannabis has changed quite a lot.

Legal Cannabis Will UK Next Legalise CannabisIn an Ipsos poll, it was found that 53% of the respondents supported the legalisation of cannabis in the UK.

There has been a growing societal acceptance of cannabis and the government has had no choice but to pay heed to the public opinion in the country.


There was a Treasury study ordered by the Liberal Party few years ago that investigated the financial aspects of the cannabis market.

It was estimated that at least 2.2 million people in the UK used cannabis at the time and the cannabis market was projected to be worth £1.25 billion.

Legalising cannabis, which is less dangerous than alcohol in reality, would save the government an estimated £200 million in legal costs. Certainly, this is an effort worth considering.


As sellers of high quality Cannabidiol, CBD Oil, Legal Cannabis Oil, Medical Cannabis Oil, Hemp Oil, and Medical Hemp Oil for the UK and Ireland markets, we hope the politicians step up to the mark and accept the growing public demand for legalising cannabis in the UK.



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