How To Make Vegan Hemp Seed Pesto Avocado Toast Recipe

How To Make Vegan Hemp Seed Pesto Avocado Toast Recipe

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G-day it’s Lola berry here with my buddy guy I’m actually gonna teach you a recipe which makes me a bit nervous because this one’s the chef extraordinaire this recipe is totally vegan it’s a basil pesto we’re using the hemp seed oil YUM and the actual hemp seeds, the hulled hemp seeds as-well. you gonna help me out yeah nice, you can boss me around you tell me what to do.

I get so scared because your the chef. so about two tablespoons are going in here. Hemp oil’s amazing it’s got that perfect balance of omega 3 to 6 ratio which means as inflammatory great for brain health, great for skin the hair, the nails. so going without a cup of kale yep basil I like to go pretty hard on the old basil, yep so good so about a cup and a half I reckon I get so scared teaching you stuff you don’t have to be scared you don’t.

This smells so good though, so if you’re wondering how much of this stuff we’re going with about a tablespoon and a half of savoury yeast flakes that’s like our vegan cheese okay awesome so it’ll make it super cheesy yeah so good B vitamins it’s kind of like think of like a multivitamin this is our hero so this is the actual freshly one week ago hulled hemp seeds how beautiful all Aussie, all Aussie so with this stuff think about like zinc that’s your immune system pretty sure it gives you like 40% of your recommended daily intake of magnesium so that’s great for stress yeah magnesium I look at like a traffic traffic controller of your entire body okay so you need it for everything now the only thing we don’t have is any acid which I know your chef brain would be probably wanting some acid in here am i kind of right I do like a bit of um lemon juice or apple cider vinegar if you’ve got some lets add it in.

All right so it’s time to blend, lets do it You have the honours of pressing the button. What numbers good, lets start with one, start slow maybe some more hemp oil ? yeah awesome, chuck it all in there, it’s big batch, yeah Oh a little um blitz at the end there, smells so good, so green and so healthy.

Thats YUM that’s SO good, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t even realize there’s no cheese, or you wouldn’t realize it vegan at all. so how do you serve this happy place yeah show , we get some GF bread yeah toast him up, this bread is like a sprouted paleo grain free bread. I’ll do the avocado if you want to get the bottom layer on, get the pesto game happening so there you have it a super simple easy, healthy pesto and we’re using the hemp oil so you can use that the place of any oil. so good for you with all the omegas and look how pretty we made, that is gorgeous vegan pesto, hemp oil, hemp seeds avocado breakfast is served..

That IS SO GOOD, Ive got pesto everywhere !!! ha ha You Can Go Now but make sure you SUBSCRIBE FIRST YEW

Courtesy of Bondi Harvest


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