Dosing Guidelines for Medical Cannabis CBD Oil

Dosing Guidelines for Medical Cannabis CBD Oil

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Medical Cannabis CBD Oil Dosage

Medical Cannabis CBD Oil – Part of the issue people face is finding the appropriate dose.

Just like any other medication, cannabis affects you in a dose dependent fashion.

Medical Cannabis can help to alleviate the symptoms of conditions including but not limited to:

Dosing Guidelines for Medical Cannabis CBD Oil

Medical Marijuana has helped countless patients manage their symptoms and enjoy a greater degree of physical comfort in their everyday lives.

If you’re living with chronic pain, chronic insomnia, cancer, arthritis, anxiety, ALS, depression, MS, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, or are undergoing chemotherapy, medical cannabis could be right for you.

Dosing Guidelines for Medical Cannabis CBD Oil

The Name Cannabis = Calcium, Nitrogene, Sodium, Boron, Iodine, and Sulfur.


How To Dose Medical Cannabis: Part I

“I think for people who are not using cannabis regularly, part of the issue they face is finding the appropriate dose. just like any other medication, cannabis affects you in a dose dependant fashion, and so not over-doing it is important.

When you inhale it the effect is reasonably close to immediate, and that allows you to use it just as much as you need and not get more than you need.


So inhaling is our recommendation for most patients.

Burning it in a joint, while easy, produces products of combustion though frankly have never been shown to cause lung disease from use of cannabis, is something that we generally would avoid.

Vaporization on the other hand does not produce any of those toxins and liberates the medication from the plant material in an easy way that you can then titrate just to the dose you need.”


How to Dose Medical Cannabis: Part II

“Probably the most frequent question that I get asked is how do you dose medical marijuana.

I think that’s a very good question because there isn’t a simple answer just yet.

And really it comes down to trying to measure what’s in the marijuana or the marijuana derivative, or trying it out and seeing what works for you, and at the moment I think we’re really just trying it out and seeing what works for you.


It’s very clear that measurement of these agents is in the works.

Many laboratories around the state are working hard to figure out how to measure the active ingredients and prepare a label that will be meaningful to you as the customer so you will be able to repeat this whenever you need it.

So you have to remember that there are over 80 different cannabinoids in marijuana, and several other unrelated compounds that are also immunologically and neurologically effective.

So, figuring out how to measure these in a meaningful manner for you the consumer is a work in progress.”


How to Dose Edibles and Tinctures

“On the subject of dosing, let’s talk about edibles and tinctures.

One of the the things about tinctures is that it sounds like a great idea, you put this stuff under your tongue, it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream, and you’re sort of off to the races.

The problem is that it’s awfully dependent on who made it and how well they did.


The same thing can be said of edibles.

Many edibles contain widely varying amounts of the active ingredients, and so when you’re buying this from somebody else, or even if you’re making them at home, the chances are you’re going to get something that isn’t all that reliable.

And after all what we really want here is something that is reliable and won’t end you up getting nothing or getting enough of a blastoff that you regret it.

In that regard, I go back to inhaling because i think you can figure out exactly when you’re ready to stop.”


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