CBD Coffee a Simple To Make at Home Recipe

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CBD coffee for an even better start to you day… The buzz surrounding CBD is REAL!

CBD coffee it is all over the market right now so get ready to throw your painkillers out!

Whaaat a plant-based substance that can alleviate chronic pain?

I’m in!

What is going on guys Jamie Here,

I am back and ready to hang out with you all again I miss you guys so much I actually took a little tiny baby vacay to Tulum Mexico it was out of this world but today I’m gonna show you guys this super easy simplest way to get CBD in your coffee so let’s get to it sure you guys have seen before

CBD coffee it’s all over the market now I feel that it’s still pretty new to the market and people are like huh like why well there’s many reasons why one being not everyone wants to take pills or capsules so this is a great way to get your CBD and help alleviate some of those issues that you may have or pain or whatever it is.

It’s a delicious way to get your CBD before we get into that I did want to share that we are actually launching I believe three or four new CBD products which is really exciting  we’re gonna have a full spectrum both tincture and gels so we’ll have 10 milligram gels and 25 milligram gels as well as a tincture.

The tincture is the liquid form becomes in the little droppers here is our wild CBD and this is the muscle and joint formula and it just comes in these little capsules super easy all you do is open these bad boys up and sprinkle them right into your coffee boom and I’m gonna show you guys a butter coffee because it’s obviously my favorite go-to.

CBD coffee how to make it…

So for this recipe I am brewing my coffee with the chem except not some water heating up you all probably see me use this method before I will do a video specifically on how to use that chemic it’s a little tricky you gotta have the scale and you got to do all the things but it’s the best form of coffee that you can get the best form of drip coffee and then I will use some butter.

Grass-fed unsalted butter and our wild MCT oil and of course the wild CBD people always ask why bulletproof coffee like what that’s so weird that’s not normal well in my world it’s very normal and it’s very delicious I love it it’s my favorite way to drink coffee and I add in the butter and the MCT for those extra healthy fat the MCT metabolizes quickly it goes straight to your liver quicker than any other fat would so it gives you that extra burst of energy.

I will have that even in my decaf coffee you don’t want the caffeine which I’ve had  struggles with caffeine I’ve been playing with coming off and on it and so that MTT and butter give me that extra boost when I do have the decaf and it’s not so bad so many people are still concerned or just maybe curious as to why CVD is so powerful it is simply because we have CBD receptors throughout our body and in our brain.

So when you take the CBD it binds to those receptors in your body and it works synergistically to alleviate some of the issues that are present there obviously I could go way deeper into this and more scientific but I am NOT a scientist nor am I a doctor.

I like to briefly and loosely I should say deliver my ideas to y’all because at the surface level it’s important to try and understand these things but I always recommend doing your own research that is how you’re going to find the most effective way to understand what’s really going on and as I’ve mentioned in my previous CBD video where I did explain it lightly.

I am so, so grateful for CBD because it has allowed me to ditch the advil put it in the trash can and never use it again the CBD alleviates insane intense excruciating pain for me so I know that millions of other people are dealing with chronic pain and this is your answer I can’t speak highly enough about  it.

It’s a natural substance that is probably most powerful out there, y’all should definitely look into it if you are interested in the wild CBD be sure to shoot me an email at Jamie at wild foods Co I will send you guys the sheets over it’s that easy.

By the way I have been missing because I like took a trip to Florida and then I took a trip to LA and then Mexico and back to LA and so now I’m home, I’m back in the swing of things I’m so excited to be here I love traveling and I’ve done a lot of it throughout the years but there is no place like home I miss hanging out with y’all I haven’t been on my regular posting a schedule.

That’s gonna change I’m really excited to start hanging out again y’all should send me some video suggestions comment below if y’all want to see something specific because I would love to do one for you all right guys here it is I’m gonna show you just how I make it so easy I’ve got my brewed coffee here from My Chem –ax.

I’m gonna do like probably a tablespoon of the MCT then I’ll do a tablespoon of butter right and last but not least I will put the CBD in open powder in that’s it, one more I love this thing because it’s just so simple and compact to put it right in.

CBD Coffee a Simple To Make at Home Recipe

So here’s our butter CBD coffee or bulletproof whatever you want to call it there you go boom.

Try and see how it is um perfection you would never know that CBD is in there and I put two capsules in so good it’s absolutely delicious it’s just how I have it every morning, but now it has TBD yet there’s no sweetener in there.

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I used to do xylitol in my coffee every single morning and I decided one day I gotta get rid of this because that’s not normal but if you insist you may do a little bit of stevia or whatever it is that you use in there, honey ever I don’t really encourage sugar clearly to each of their own, it is amazing and I’m getting the benefits of all the CBD just by drinking my coffee.

I love that it’s super easy to do I hope you all enjoyed that little CBD coffee video I think it is so crucial to incorporate this into your life may notice it has so many amazing benefits.

As always thank you for watching my video be sure to LIKE and subscribe I am trying to get to a thousand subscribers. I’m really close it doesn’t help that I was gone for like two weeks or at least out of the YouTube world for two weeks, but that’s okay we’re gonna jump right back into it.

I’m ready to go I hope you all are – have a great week and I’ll see you guys soon bye you

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