Doctor Explains CBD Oil

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Alternate Health Announces AMA Approved CBD and Endocannabinoid System Videos

American Medical Association (AMA) approves first online video educational video educational program for practitioners on CBD and the endocannabinoid … Source Link

Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system – English

The endocannabinoid system is one of the great unknowns of the biology of our organism. It basically is a neurotransmission system, although it is much more … Source Link

CBD vs Back Pain

DOES CBD OIL RELIEVE BACK PAIN? // In this video, I talk about how CBD has helped my patients with Back Pain. So, if you’re wondering about the “benefits … Source Link

Is CBD a Safe and Effective Cure for Lyme and Cancer? | Dr Ernie Murakami (Part 3)

Cancer and Lyme patients are faced with stark choices: toxic drugs with serious side-effects, addictive pain medication, or natural herbal treatments unfamiliar to … Source Link

These Nuns Sell k Worth Of Weed Every Month – The Sisters Of The Valley | Features | Refinery29

The Sisters of the Valley farm is a one-acre plot wedged in California’s sprawling, agriculture-rich Central Valley, about 10 miles outside of the city of Merced’s … Source Link

What A Pharmacy Doctor Thinks About Cannabis, THC & CBD; Dr Kent, Trokie MMJ Lozenges – SGTV NorCal

– We speak with Dr Kent from Trokie to ask what do doctors think about cannabis & CBD? Source Link

CBD Biotech CEO Discusses Medical Marijuana Clinical Research

CBD Biotech CEO Discusses Medical Marijuana Clinical Research Christina’s LinkedIn: … Source Link

Hemp is the Key to The Future | Kyle Oliveira | TEDxBryantU

This talk primarily focuses on how hemp is a better alternative to traditional methods of making clothing. Additionally, it revolves around hemp’s history and … Source Link

Benefits of Hemp for Pets with CBD Expert Julianna Carella at Pet Connections Expo

Julianna Carella shares Benefits of Hemp: Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes & More for Pets at Pet Connections Expo #petconexpo in a Campfire Session! Talking … Source Link

What Has Neuroimaging Taught Us About PSP and CBD?

What Has Neuroimaging Taught Us About PSP and CBD? Dr. Jennifer Whitwell, Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic. An overview of recent research on … Source Link

CBD OIL a CANCER CURE? My Experience 2 MONTHS on CBD OIL (Cannabis) Natural Cure Quackery?

Healed Naturally E-book – Get 40% off link below: Connect with me on Instagram & see what I eat: @ bee_rising Sharing my thoughts … Source Link

Doc Vader on CBD Oil |

Our favorite Sith Lord talks about the latest “miracle drug.” Source Link

What medical conditions is CBD good for?

Your doctor may recommend CBD Oil as either a preventive medicine or for the treatment of various autoimmune disorders and other conditions, such as … Source Link

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review. Support us on Patreon so we can make more … Source Link

The Health Effects of Marijuana – Expert Q&A

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, what should you know about its health effects? Join our experts for this Q&A discussion. Source Link

CBD Boom Explained by Dr. Roger Boger

Dr. Roger Boger a former professor and world leader in network distribution gives you a high-level overview of the exploding cannabis/CBD industry. He is an … Source Link

"I Quit." – Tobacco vs. Vape Documentary Series Episode #1 – Dave Brunner

“I Quit.” – The extraordinary confessionals of David Brunner’s journey through kicking the ultimate habit. After smoking for 45 years, the transition to vaping was … Source Link

Doctor Lawrence Bocannaco CBD Oil

A transparent overview from grower, owner and formulator if Bocannaco. Source Link

CA – New Medical Marijuana Strain High In CBD (Cannabidiol) Strips Away The Buzz (April, 2010)

A new strain of cannabis that contains low amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) allows patients to attain significant … Source Link

Joe Rogan Experience #1138 – Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, hunter and activist. Source Link

Can CBD Help You Sleep Better? (How CBD Helps Insomnia)

DOES CBD HELP YOU SLEEP? // In this video, I talk about how CBD has helped my patients with difficulties sleeping – Insomnia. So, if you’re thinking about … Source Link

cbd oil walmart | CBD Oil Near Me

cbd oil walmart: Visit for the best CBD products and get an exclusive 10% off at CBDfx! Today’s hottest CBD products do not even … Source Link

Cannabis Extracts. CBD or THC? Rick Simpson makes it all clear.

Rick Simpson ONLY at: and Watch: Phoenix Tears Movie We want to avoid legalisation as it would mean … Source Link

Is CBD Legal In Texas?

Overview of Texas CBD Laws – 2018 Edition Texas CBD Guide: Texas Dispensaries: … Source Link

I Tried Medicinal CBD for a Month // CBD oil review

Hi friends! This has been a really interesting month/experiment with CBD. I tried it for migraine relief and found so many benefits! Please give it a thumbs up, sub … Source Link

Rogan & Greenfield on CBD & THC Considered a PED

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1235 Joe Rogan and Ben Greenfield talk about how CBD can be considered a performance enhancing drug. Source Link

⚠️ How to Buy CBD Oil

How to Buy CBD Oil. In this video, I’ll break down “how to buy cbd oil” You’ll learn the key questions to ask when it comes to buying CBD Oil. If you’ve been … Source Link


I just wanted to address the fact that people at are charging ridiculous prices for their CBD flower. I also want to apologize to Tweedle … Source Link

The breakdown of what CBD is, how to use it, why it works and what to look out for when choosing a brand. How HempWorx ™ stacks up … Source Link

Houston-area doctor hopes to get 1 of 3 CBD oil production licenses

Two years after the passage of the Compassionate Use Act, lawmakers decided the state will grant three licenses for CBD production facilities, creating a fierce … Source Link