A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things
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    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    ^^Note the open door! We are finally having some mild days here. The fresh air is SO nice!! Isn’t it crazy that Birch has never felt the sunshine on his body. His arms and legs have never felt fresh air. I can’t wait for our Florida trip coming up so he can experience the joy that is warm sun for the first time! I bought him this cute little swim suit for the trip : )

    Baller Stain Remover

    I gotta share this before and after! I first used Oxiclean (MAX FORCE!!) on this blow-out stain and washed it regularly with a Tide pod. As you can see, the stain did not come out. I’ve had this Amodex stain remover for a long time after some of you guys recommended it years ago. I don’t know why I have the Oxiclean because the Amodex works SO much better. Look at the stain 5 minutes later – all gone! I just squirt the Amodex on it and rinse with warm water while doing some scrubbing action. (Side note: many of you on Instagram said sunshine is the best stain remover.)

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    Magazine-a-Holic No More

    I used to get a billion home magazines. They were my go-to entertainment at the gym. But simultaneously I have cut back on my cardio machine time and when I do use one, I listen to podcasts instead. These days I only get a few magazines – HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living. My favorite Coastal Living just morphed away from subscriptions. Do you guys still read magazines?

    Lunch: pre-soccer sandwich and pretzels. 

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    Crawdads Are Singing

    LOVING this book! I love that it’s set in North Carolina, it’s a little bit adventure, a little bit survivalist, a little bit romance, and a little big mystery. All of my favorites rolled into one and beautifully written too. I’m not even halfway through and really into it. If only I could read more than 5 pages per night before falling asleep! I want to keep reading, I really do, but my eyes just won’t have it! I did a little bit of morning coffee reading on Sunday to try to get ahead.

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    New Soccer Bag

    My old soccer bag was a giant duffle with stuff spilling out of the pockets. It also had no water bottle holder, which is perhaps the most important pocket of them all. A friend had a similar bag to this one at our indoor games, and I bit the bullet to replace my old one with this one. SUCH a good choice. Not only are there two water bottle pockets (I have one with electrolytes and one with ice water), but I love that it stands upright on the field.

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    There are so many great pockets too. Its only drawback is not having a pouch for dirty shoes, so I just have a drawstring bag for my cleats. Problem solved!

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    Mazen’s Scrambled Eggs

    Let me tell you a story about these eggs. I fed Mazen scrambled eggs nearly every day when he was one. I alternated between eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal – three foods I think are of superior nutrition. Poor Mazen woke up one day around age 2 and never ate an egg again.

    Fast forward to age 6.5 and we were getting ready for bed the other night.

    “What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?” I asked him.

    “Scrambled eggs!” he said.

    “Seriously? You want eggs?” I said incredulously.

    “Yes, I saw a dude on You Tube eating them and they looked good.” he responded.

    Well then! So as promised in the morning he was delivered a plate with one scrambled egg and buttered toast. I was up nursing Birch in bed holding my breath to see if he would eat them. Did he take even one bite? Nope. He said: “These don’t look like the You Tube eggs.”

    MAZEN! I will have to look up this video and compare.

    So needless to say, ate his eggs for breakfast. With leftover cornbread and grapes!

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    Smoked Not Smoked

    Thomas made the best smokey salmon for our Sunday dinner. But it was not smoked salmon – it was just salmon with smoked flavor! He put brown sugar and a little Liquid Smoke on top and then grilled it inside aluminum foil so it stayed nice and moist. It was some of the best salmon we’ve made at home yet! I made a salad dressing (eyeballed) with yogurt, olive oil, lemon, lemon zest, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and fresh dill. Fresh dill is 100% my favorite herb!

    A Baller Stain Remover + More Cool Things

    Hope you guys are having a great week!

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